Green Upgrades for a Sustainable Home

1. Receive free energy saver kit from Energy Trust of Oregon: It doesn’t get much cheaper than free! Order your free starter kit here.

2. Swap out all your old incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient LEDs! See a breakdown of costs and energy savings here.

3. Upgrade to water saving shower heads. You can save up to 40% of the water you’d normally use without sacrificing cleanliness or comfort.

4. Invest in the Nest Thermostat, which can be programmed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature around your schedule for energy savings of 10-15% every year.

5. Switch to tankless hot water! Depending on your hot water usage, you can save 8-35% of energy used to heat your water by using an on-demand system.

6. Replace old, single-pane windows with ultra-insulated double or triple pane windows for climate control energy savings of up to 83% in your home.

7. Upgrade to the most energy efficient appliances by looking for the ENERGY STAR label when you purchase new appliances for your house.

8. Install a rainwater catchment system to water your garden and landscaping. Not only does collecting rainwater help make better use of our water resources, non-chlorinated rain water is also better for your plants.

9. Invest in solar panels for clean electricity from the sun and huge energy savings! This upgrade is not cheap, but with incentives and savings, will pay for itself in about a decade.

10. Invest in a geothermal heat pump system to keep your home temperate using the below the surface temperature of the earth in both hot and cold weather. Like solar panels, it will take about a decade to pay for itself, and then it’s all savings for the homeowner and the earth.

⇒ Making energy-efficient upgrades to your home is a great way to improve comfort and save money and energy. Energy Trust provides cash incentives to help make your home energy upgrades more affordable. Learn more here.